Top Tips for Teaching

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What do our babdab team know about ‘top tips for teaching’? Well, before we entered the murky world of school furniture sales, our staff came from a variety of backgrounds. These included; Lecturing, Primary School Teaching and also, Child Minding.

As a result, we tip our hats in complete respect, for all the teachers and school leaders who continue to do great work in our schools and change so many young lives for the better.

Therefore, we wanted to put our minds together and come up with 10 of the best top tips for teaching, from our experience. We hope you find them useful.

1. Make discovery part of the fun

Obviously, in state education the curriculum is key and learners must pass particular criteria. However, why not challenge your learners to discover something new? Allow them to teach you something, this helps create confidence and mutual respect.

2. Create mystery in your lessons

As teachers, we sometimes want to give learners all the answers but sometimes, it can be inspiring to create an air of mystery by allowing the big picture to build over the course of a term or few weeks. If your subject permits, allow for the plot to unfold with excitement for your students.

3. Be fun and show that you care

Make fun of yourself; laugh and relax! You won’t sacrifice your authority by having fun. In fact, the latest research suggests that authority stems from showing you care about your learners. Therefore, making them laugh and feel good, is an excellent way to show you care.

4. Participate

Get involved with your students project. By becoming a team member in their projects, you are better able to guid them to higher levels of achievement but you also gain their trust.

5. Avoid “going through the motions”

It might be easier said than done, as we’ve all had days whereby just getting out of bed was like a Shakespearian tragedy! However, rapport is a powerful phenomenon. So when you can, bring your energy to class. Be inspired by what you are teaching and in turn, you’ll inspire those that you teach.

6. Review lessons–but don’t repeat–material

As part of any curriculum, it is often necessary to review work to ensure all students are at the level they need to be. However, try not to repeat lessons as this can feel stagnant to students and they may lose focus.

7. Less lectures, more conversations

People love to talk but rarely do they love to be talked at for any prolonged period of time! So involve your students and create encouraging conversations.

8. Be a performer

Teaching has been known as a “performing profession” and in many ways, we agree. Now, although you don’t need to put on an Oscar winning performance, it does help to animate your body language and use a range of tone in your voice. The idea, is to engage your students and what better way to do it, than with an excellent performance.

9. Be available

Have an open door policy to your students. Be approachable. When appropriate, invite your students to stay behind after lessons to discuss their ideas or projects. There is no better gift than giving your time.

10. See it from their side

Take a seat in the audience and let your students teach you for the day. Spend sometime doing your own assignments and let your students grade you, or give feedback on your projects or presentations. This takes bravery to do but you’ll be surprised at our positive your students feedback will be!


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