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More school places, more school seating

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It is apparent, that there is a growing need for more school seating in secondary education. In fact, the number of secondary school pupils in the UK, is set to rise from 2,740,000 to 3,287,000 by 2024. This is according to official statistics from the Department for Education. As a result, an article by the Independent stated; “The rise will pile more pressure on exam boards with more pupils taking GCSEs and A-levels; and create demand for extra school places.”

These statistics highlight the obvious growing demand for extra resources and places in secondary schools. Meanwhile, there is much research to suggest, that large class sizes have a negative impact on learner’s attainment. Therefore, it is questionable how local authority will cope with the growing demand for school places. However, putting the political debate aside, it is a reasonable assumption, that there will be a real need for reliable suppliers, providing quality resources.

School seating, more places – the modern classroom

Andreas Schleicher, the special adviser on education policy at the OECD states “Success will go to those individuals and nations that are swift to adapt, slow to complain, and open to change.” It may not be a case of creating more school places alone but instead, embracing new environments, technology, teaching methods and ideas. In an article on, a number of policy makers, teachers, activists and parents; where asked to look beyond laws, politics, and funding and re-imagine the modern classroom. One expert suggested that “Students will have beautiful spaces that make them feel good to be at school—with art, living plants, music where appropriate, comfortable seating, and fast internet access.”

Where we are today

With classrooms evolving quickly, it is great to see so many schools adapting to positive change. Furthermore, many suppliers are listening to demand and developing products to inspire learning. Notably, the modern classroom looks very different to days of old. Drab dull furniture, has now been replaced with bright and vibrant classroom seating. Many classrooms of today, are designed to encourage intrinsic motivation and self-guided learning. At the same time, beyond the politics and policy decisions; so many teachers, suppliers and stake-holders, continue to work hard, to help create inspiring learning environments.

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