Plastic Chairs

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We recommend plastic chairs as an ideal solution for high-use environments. Therefore, you will see many of our polypropylene chair range in; schools, colleges, universities and other commercial environments.

Plastic Chairs Best Features

A fully moulded plastic shell, is what makes plastic chairs so efficient. Provided that British and European standards are met, the shell will be long-lasting and durable. This is because polypropylene plastic is very strong. Furthermore, if this is coupled with good design and proper moulding techniques, the chairs will be perfect for high-use spaces. Additionally, moulded plastic is very easy to maintain and clean. Thus, for educational and commercial use, would highly recommend polypropylene chairs.

In essence, every establishment has varying requirements for its seating needs. However, what is consistent with most, is the need for durability, functionality, comfort and maintainability. Therefore, plastic chairs are a great choice to meet these needs.

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