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We have a variety of cushions, which make perfect seating options. Children love to sit on the floor, especially younger children. Therefore, our range of cushions make the perfect seating option for your school.

Furthermore, you will find our range in a variety of environments. In fact, they are perfect for group reading, group play or simple alone time. For this reason, we highly recommend cushions for learning spaces.

Cushions make a great seating option

Browse our colourful range and find the ideal set for your space. Whether your environment is for play or relaxing, we will have the perfect solution for you.

Our range is comfortable to help create a relaxing environment. Additionally, it is bright enough to stimulate play and learning. Likewise, the style is highly detailed and tactile. Plus, our Cushion range is easy to maintain, with removable washable covers. Finally, all of our range meet relevant safety standards.

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