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Our Story

babdab™ is the first multi-vendor platform of school furniture and educational supplies for; secondary schools, infant and junior primary schools, nursery schools, play groups, colleges and universities. From loose furniture supply from the best furniture manufacturers, to full interior decoration and installation providers.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in our commitment, to create exceptional learning environments, for children and adults. In addition, our staff have over 40 years combined experience, in the education sector. Ranging from Lecturing, Primary School Teaching and as part of the commercial supply chain. We sincerely thank Head Teachers, Business Managers and School Leaders like you; whom put your trust in our service, so that we can continue to work together, to create exceptional learning environments.

The babdab Ethos

They all say it but how many can really claim it! “We’re different”. Here is why the babdab ethos, really makes us stand out from the rest.

The babdab way;

  1. Smile
  2. Be reliable
  3. Be understanding
  4. Communicate effectively
  5. Know as much about Educational Furniture, as you do your own body!

We live and breath these principles, so as to give you the best possible enjoyable service. Schools and Manufacturers love working with us and that’s because we approach all of our dealings in the same way, with a smile! You know that you can rely on us to get it right for you. Furthermore, we understand the pressures and stresses that School Leaders are under and we accommodate accordingly. Likewise, we ensure things go right, by communicating effectively, giving you even more peace of mind. Lastly, we really do know as much about educational furniture, as we do our own bodies! Thus, you can rest in the knowledge, that we will help you create the best possible learning space, for your environment.