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Taking Care of your Folding Canteen Furniture

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Folding canteen furniture is a fantastic feature in any school dinner hall. Furthermore, not only does it offer a comfortable place for children to sit, eat and socialise. Similarly, their features often allow for ideal storage and mobility. This is essential for any learning environment, with a varied and rich curriculum and all the demands this brings on available space.

Therefore, taking care of your folding canteen furniture and carrying out proper maintenance, helps ensure longevity, safety and best value for your investment.

Required Maintenance For Folding Canteen Furniture

  • Regularly inspect table operation for smoothness and general stability
  • Clean table tops according to current food service hygiene practices after each use. Exterior components of tables should be inspected for chewing gum and other food deposits
  • Periodically you should lubricate tables with a food grade silicon spray, which is required to pivot joints. We recommend lubrication every six months or more often if indicated by stiff operation or noise

CAUTION: Excessive use of water during cleaning may cause corrosion

Maintenance folding canteen furniture

Read our article on school tables shapes and sizes, for more information on tables for your classroom environment. Please note; our range of mobile folding canteen furniture is certified by FIRA and is manufactured to the highest standards.

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