Polypropylene Exam Desks + Trolley Bundle

  • Desk Dimensions (WxDxH) 600mm x 600mm x 710mm
  • Desk Colours; Blue or Charcoal with black legs


20 or 40 Polypropylene Exam Desks and Trolley Package Deal

1. Graffiti resistant

You already know how frustrating it is, to buy brand new exam desks that have to be disposed of, due to Graffiti and vandalism. Polypropylene exam desk tops, can be cleaned and maintained, far better than MDF wood.

2. Lightweight

Your Site Manager or Caretaker will thank you! A Polypropylene exam desk is extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. That might not sound so important at first but when you have an entire Sports Hall to place out or stow away hundreds of exam desks, lightweight becomes a vital feature!

3. Longer-lasting

Wooden exam desks are just bad economics. Yes, they’re cheap. Yes, you may pay a little bit more for a polypropylene exam desk. However, the longevity and other benefits from Polypropylene exam desks, make them by far the better choice

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Blue, Charcoal


20 Desks, 40 Desks