12 Seat SmartTop Mobile Folding Table


• Themed table tops designed to bring fun facts and increased awareness to the dining room
• Choose from 3 themes: World Geography, Modern History and Endangered Animals
• Laminated table top with tough edging and MDF core (water resistant and easy clean)
• Fits through standard height doorway (1980mm) for storage and transportation
• Open position safety lock (to ensure table does not revert to folding position)
• Easy-clean intermediate lock for improved hygiene
• Transport and storage locking positions
• Primary height
• Heavy duty locking castors
• 10 stool colours to choose from
• Dimensions 3080(w) x 1500(d) mm
• FIRA certified
• 16 year warranty on welds and mechanism


These 12 Seat SmartTop Mobile Folding Table Seating Units are ideal for increasing seating capacity in your school canteen and dining hall. These folding table seating units, enable you to convert your hall space into multi-use areas quickly and effortlessly. Plus, their SmartTop themes are great for children’s learning and adding interest to any dining environment.


Dimensions 12 Seat Folding Table


Modern History Theme

Modern History SmartTop has information on significant world events, inventions, historical and sporting achievements in the decades from 1950 to 2000. Examples include: Discovery of DNA, the first scheduled flight by a commercial jet, first ascent of Mount Everest, first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes, the Cuban Missile Crisis and The Beatles first record.

World Map Theme

World Map SmartTop has a full sized map with country and city detail. The information around the map is split into continents with flags of each country that make up the
continent plus country and city information. Each continent also has key information such as: area, total population, most populated city, population density per (km²), highest point, lowest point.

Endangered Animals Theme

Endangered Animals SmartTop has information on the world’s most at risk species including: tigers, rhinos, orangutans, elephants and Pandas. The SmartTop is full of useful “did you know?” information.

Finally, read our Required Maintenance Article for your tables.

Table Top Theme

World Map, Modern History, Endangered Animals

Stool Colour

Blue, Apple, Yellow, Green, Black, Blueberry, Wine, Orange, Red, Lilac


685mm, 735mm

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