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Best School Chairs. The 3 Most Important Features

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Choosing the best school chairs for your establishment, is a vital investment decision.

From our industry experience, it has become apparent that there is a consensus for the 3 most important features.

Some chairs excel at these 3 qualities but others don’t even come close.

Here is what to look for, when making your investment:

best school chairs comfort


Comfort is one aspect of any high-use chair, that can sometimes be forgotten.

Especially when a business manager is struggling with the challenges of a tight budget.

However, even with a tight budget, choosing a chair with exceptional comfort can still be achieved, if you know what to look for.

Before making your decision, we advise you to think about these 3 points:

  • Has the chair been tested for good posture?
    Does it meet the FIRA standard BS EN1729. Part 1 for ergonomics?
GEO Reverse Cantilever Chair
  • Have you tried the chair yourself?
    All good chair manufacturers and suppliers, should be willing to provide opportunities for you to try the chair, before you purchase.

  • We advise testing a number of similar chairs with your students and see which chair they prefer.
  • Does the seat height of the chair, match the table height?
    See the six standard European Size chart for school table sizes.
best school chairs strength

2. Strength

In any high-use environment, especially schools, colleges and universities, a classroom chair must be robust.

So, how do you know if the chair you are choosing, will be strong enough to withstand the rigours of your particular establishment?

There’s a few things which you can look for:

  • Does the chair have any fixings?

    If not, great there’s nothing to come loose over-time. This is why one-piece plastic school chairs are great for durability. 

    What if full plastic isn’t your taste?

    Well, if one-piece plastic school chairs aren’t what you are looking for or you’d just prefer a metal frame; make sure you find out how the plastic seat is attached to the metal frame.

    A strong fitting that is durable and long-lasting, is what to look for.

    Securely fixing a plastic seat to a metal frame, comes down to good design and strong fixings.

  • It is worth noting the thickness of the frame too.

    Is it 19mm, 22mm diameter?

    Some frames are thicker in diameter but may use a thinner gauge of steel. A frame with a thicker gauge and diameter will most likely be the strongest.

    Another thing to look for, is that the frame is fully-welded. These days, most chair frames are fully-welded but it’s always worth checking.

  • Again, another excellent way to test the strength of a chair is simple.

    Ask to see one!

    You could possibly trial a chair in your classroom or other seating environment, over a period of time. This way, you can be sure of the chairs strength before you purchase.

  • Another important factor to consider, is the thickness and design of the plastic seat.

    Is it a thick plastic mould, with ribbing in the design?

    Ribbing can help add stable flexion to the back rest and strength to the seat underside.

Certificates for the Best School Chairs

If this is all sounding a bit too technical and you’re still unsure what to look for;

Just look for the testing certificates.

Most chairs should meet the EN1729 standard Part 2 for strength.

Another excellent standard to look out for is the BS EN 1573:2007 Test level 2 – the uprated test for up to 25 stone users.

Both of these tests will demonstrate that the chair is strong.

best school chairs functionality

3. Functionality

The final piece of the puzzle, is functionality.

Let me explain;

The best school chairs are always functional for the environment for which they are being used.

How do you know if they are?

The best way to know if they are functional for your environment;

Simply ask these questions:

  • Who will be using the chair?
  • What will it be used for? (Sitting obviously! But what situation?)
  • When will it be used and for how long?

Who, what and when.

If you can answer these 3 questions effectively, it should give you a better idea, as to the best school chairs for your school.

For example;


Will it be students, teachers, parents, or the general public.

Height and width considerations are important factors, when considering the type of user.


How will the chair be used?

Will they be situated in a classroom each day, or maybe a common area?

Will they be frequently moved to different areas, or sometimes put into storage? In which case, the chair may need to be light and also stackable, so that they can be moved easily and put into storage.


When will the chairs be used and for how long?

Will the chairs only be placed for use on special occasions, or will they be used extensively.

The Advanced Poly Chair

How many users a day and for what period of time?

1, 2, 5 or 8 hours per day? 

It’s important to recognise that a folding chair might be suitable for occasional use, however, this type of chair is not likely to suffice for constant use in a classroom.

Conclusion for the Best School Chairs

Hopefully this has given you better insight into what to look for, when choosing the best school chairs for your establishment.

To sum up, always try to test the chairs first.

Speak to babdab and we can arrange for you to see a sample, for larger orders.

Check the chair has the relevant test certificates and consider first, how will the chairs be used in your establishment.

Browse babdab’s range of school seating.

How Can We Help Further?

babdab is fast becoming the supplier of choice, for classroom chairs.

In fact, with the very best range of seating on offer and with the very best prices, it’s easy to see why School Leaders go to, for all of their school furniture needs.

Thus our selection of classroom chairs have been carefully selected, for the needs of education and commercial environments.

Furthermore, babdab work with the most reliable manufacturers in the UK, to ensure the best possible availability and capacity, for busy periods.

As a result, babdab is easily able to support high demand.

Similarly, work tirelessly with manufacturers to ensure the best possible lead times and to deliver classroom chairs, before the start of term.

Which Classroom Chairs?

So, with premium chairs, two-piece chairs and one-piece chairs, it is difficult to know which classroom chair is right for your school?

Meanwhile, budget, space and aesthetics are all major considerations for head teachers and business managers.

As a result, babdab recommend the popular Advanced Poly Chair, as an excellent budget option, which is popular in many schools. Likewise, the Harmony Chair is also another great choice, being that it is durable, stackable and great value.

Whereas, the GEO Cantilever chairs are a more premium choice but are also, still very popular in schools.

Indeed, all the chairs on offer at, are affordable, great value, seriously robust and a great choice for schools.

Our Favourite – Titan One-piece Chair

Popular Titan Classroom Chair

Additionally, the Titan One-piece classroom chair is being specified in many new build schools and academies.

The reason for this is because the learning environment has changed and schools need classroom chairs which are:

  • Multi-use
  • Versatile
  • Stacking
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Easily maintained
  • And aesthetically pleasing

As well as the above features, the Titan one-piece chair has also passed the BS EN 1573:2007 Test level 2 – the uprated test for up to 25 stone users.

This is further to EN1729 parts 1 and 2, which is the standard that many classroom chairs meet.

So, it is easy to see why the Titan chair is such a popular choice. 

Furthermore, stacking up to 15 chairs, this is well above the safety limit of 10 chairs per stack, recommended for schools.

Plus, this is before mentioning how comfortable the chair is and how great it looks in the classroom.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the Titan One Piece Chair has become a very popular chair in modern classrooms.

Top 5 Most Popular Classroom Chairs

Have you still not decided which are the best school chairs for your classroom?

Then, in no particular order, here are babdab’s top 5 choices for 2019.

1. The Titan Chair

The Titan School Chair, is moulded from high impact plastic. The chairs are built to last and withstand high-usage, in the toughest classroom environments. This chair is almost unbreakable, easily wipes clean and is easily maintained.

Titan School Chair

2. The GEO Chair

The GEO 4 Leg Poly Chair is the ideal classroom chair for schools. With a robust and stylish shell and a strong steal 4 leg frame.

Geo 4 Leg Poly Chair Purple

3. The MX70 Heavy Duty Chair

The MX70 classic chair was Remploy’s original polypropylene chair. It still remains a unique chair in the UK, as it’s the only polypropylene chair, to have the steel frame running up the back of the shell. For this reason, it is fair to say that this could be viewed as being over engineered but the end result is simply the strongest most resilient polypropylene chair on the market. 

MX70 Green

4. The Titan 4 Leg Chair

The 4 Leg Titan Classroom Chair is one of the strongest classroom chairs on the market. With a strong polypropylene shell and steel legs, these chairs are a robust design for high-use environments.

4 Leg Titan Classroom Chair

5. The Affinity Chair

The Affinity chair range is perfect for schools looking for a durable attractive product at an affordable price. The Affinity chair features a high quality steel frame and a high grade polypropylene shell.

Affinity Chair Purple

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