At babdab™ our skilled joiners and carpenters can create beautifully crafted, bespoke woodwork for schools and other commercial environments.

Here are just some of the bespoke woodwork that we have created for schools, both indoor and outdoor:

  • Play Areas
  • Muddy Kitchens
  • Sand Pits
  • Dolls Houses/Castles/Shops
  • Obstacles/Outdoor Gymnasiums

bespoke woodwork for schools

Why Is Bespoke Woodwork For Schools, So Important?

Play-based learning, both indoor and outdoor is so important for children’s development. According to Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, “Structured play is valuable to children in so many ways. Principally, it allows them to develop confidence and enjoy learning new skills.”

Therefore, we believe in creating environments that are both safe and fun for play. In particular, there is currently a high demand from School Leaders for outdoor play areas. However, whether your requirement is for indoor or outdoor, we will work with you, in creating the ideal space for play and learning.

Outdoor Play Activities

Here are a few outdoor activities that our schools have shared with us:

  • Playing in sand, mud or small amounts of water (always supervise water play)
  • Playing games of chase or hide-and-seek
  • Learning to move in different ways
  • Role play as a shop assistant, fireman, or king of the castle
  • Relaxing, playing and learning on outdoor play mats
  • Crawling on grass, under obstacles or through tunnels
  • Listening to birds, naming sounds and/or identifying insects/objects
  • Wheeling, pushing or pulling different objects
  • Throwing and chasing balls
  • Jumping, running or walking into puddles, around trees, over stones or through purpose built play areas
  • Building a castle out of outdoor play equipment or furniture
  • Building and creating with various equipment, furniture and toys

These are just some of the activities that take place with babdab’s bespoke woodwork for schools. Thus, if you’d like to find out how we can bring your play area to life, please get in touch today.

So, what do you have in mind? When you call us, we will arrange a FREE consultation. Whereby, our skilled carpenters and joiners will visit you at your school. Then together, we can bring your ideas to life.

Email us: [email protected]

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